Bryan Lee Tilford

The number one influence on my art and creativity is music. As an Artist, Engineering Designer and Musician, (Former recording and touring Bassist for the Papa John Creach Band), musical themes are second nature. My inspiration might be a Rock icon like Jimi Hendrix or a Jazz legend like Miles Davis that fires the process for a new piece or series.

Another creative influence is the African American experience in the United States. African Americans have made numerous and dynamic contributions to American culture and history that is sometimes overlooked or forgotten altogether by the population at large. The colorful lives and constant obstacles and struggles of these individuals provide a never ending flow of ideas and concepts for my work. One of the goals of my work is to remind and inspire all that view my art of the many contributions that African Americans have made to the fabric of our Society and indeed the world.

Because of my work in Aerospace and Automotive design engineering, I am always interested in the technical aspect of any project and always looking for new ways to create art. To this end I am learning welding. The plan; create sculpture out of found and reclaimed metals and materials.

At CSUN and UCLA Extension, I studied design, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, and graphic design. I received commissions for sign projects on campus and off. I later learned Computer Aided Design and drafting in my job at Hughes. I bring this experience, study, practice and discipline to every project I undertake.