I have always felt as an Artist, I have not only the privilege of expression, but also an open door to a world that constantly ignites my imagination – where all things inspire an opportunity for creativity.

My focus with this series was concise. A celebration unfolded of our Humanity and in the uniqueness of us all.  It has allowed for a personal and artistic evolution, to explore the concept of beauty itself.  Is it in the eyes? Or perhaps the lines that time bestows, scattering them on our skin like roads that we have traveled, the very maps of our lives.

Though I have worked from within traditions of Renaissance portraiture; at a technical level, I also embrace more Contemporary issues such as the construction of identity, the existence and physicality, and the push-pull of power that exists between the viewer and the subject of their vision.

Each figure is rendered in oil paint on wood panels gessoed with many layers of rough brush strokes then sanded by hand leaving a slightly rough surface beneath any application of paint.  Thin layers of oils in washes allowed the bare surface to exist in some pieces leaving it intentionally unfinished but complete.

Born in Poland, I immigrated to the US in 1981 and spent my childhood in Connecticut. I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta with a BA in Design and Multimedia. I pursued my desire to paint ten years ago at the Los Angeles Academy of Fine Art, UCLA and Brentwood Art Center where I was honored to participate in an intensive under the tutelage of artist David Lafel, at the home of Kate & Steven Spielberg.  The past four years my art has been included in the celebrity charity auction The Fluffball, created by actor Emmanuel Vaugier.