Grace Lynne Haynes

My work primarily revolves around exploring the nuances of the Black American experience. I am passionate about exploring how color and pattern affects our perception and defines our identity. We often times think of the color of our skin when it comes to identity, however I strive to explore how the colors we wear and choose to surround ourselves with shape our racial and personal identity. My most recent series explores the color pink and it’s relationship to the black experience. Pink is a soft color with a bold statement and usually isn’t associated with Black culture. I wanted to paint a series of images that would explore blackness and femininity through the color pink.  I am intrigued by the color pink and how it can be used to show blackness from a different perspective.

With my distinct background in both fine art, design and illustration I have learned to plan my images beforehand and use the sketch phase as a way to explore and experiment. I often use various figurative artists such as Matisse and Richard Diebenkorn for references on posture. The paintings are primarily done in gouache, but I use collage to add an element of surprise. I will always consider myself to be a student of the art world who’ style is constantly evolving and shaping as I gain more life experiences.